Health and safety

Health and safety

At HELLAGROLIP we believe that the quality of working life is the starting point for the sustainable development of every modern business which wants to operate with high quality standards and under the principles of respect for people and the environment.

Health and safety regulations and measures in the working areas are a prime concern to our company. We work on a daily basis to ensure the best possible work environment for our staff, with a view to avoiding and reducing occupational accidents and diseases.

We systematically check every parameter associated with the physical space of production and which may affect our staff’s occupational safety and health, we take all precautionary measures to avoid any accidents, and we constantly improve the technological, organizational and aesthetic work environment so that it meet the current health and safety requirements.

With continuous training on issues of early risk detection, prevention and response tactics, and the strengthening of expertise and professionalism, we promote the safe working behavior of our employees and minimize the likelihood of an accident.

Health and Safety Policy at HELLAGROLIP

At HELLAGROLIP, having respect for people and the environment, we develop all of our activities with the continuous compliance with the national and international regulations in the field of chemical and fertilizer production, as well as with all existing Occupational Health and Safety rules, as an unwavering principle.

In addition, we have voluntarily introduced and put into effect certified Occupational Health and Safety standards, committing to always improve our modes of operation and to provide the maximum protection possible to people, nature and the environment by:

  • Implementing all existing Laws and Regulations on Occupational Health and Safety
  • Effectively managing occupational hazards in the workplace, in accordance with the risk reduction strategy, by preventing, detecting and eliminating dangerous situations
  • Setting and revising objectives regarding Occupational Health and Safety, by allocating the necessary resources for their materialization
  • Systematically training and educating all employees on the principles and practices of Occupational Health and Safety, with a view to establishing a safe work culture
  • Developing partnerships regarding Occupational Health and Safety with the Council for the Occupational Health and Safety of Workers, aiming at the continuous improvement of working conditions and procedures.

Active participation, the sense of personal responsibility, and our staff’s familiarization with the practices dictated by the Health and Safety Policy are a prime consideration for HELLAGROLIP, ensuring its safe operation and fostering collaboration and a positive work spirit among its people.