Our culture

Our focus: our customers

Serving the needs of our customers is a fundamental value and a commitment which guides all our activities. Our customers and their needs are placed at the center of all the strategic choices of our Company. Our approach is client-centric and we see a reliable and long-term collaborator in each of our customers. We cultivate the development of trust and exchange of opinions, taking seriously into consideration the opinions of our collaborators in the context of an open and bidirectional communication.

We make every effort to fulfill the needs of our collaborators and we support them so that they can achieve their goals. We grow alongside them and we share the contemporary challenges and market opportunities, tracing a common course towards the future. The values of trust and cooperation are at the center of our efforts to highlight the role of Hellagrolip as a leader in the greek market, and to build our company as well as yours.

Sustainability – Social Responsibility and Environment

Land, water, air, and every form of life on the planet are in constant interaction, composing the "natural environment" in which human activity is developed.

Heavy usage of natural resources and the acceleration of economic activity so as to cover the needs of an ever-growing population strain each separate ecosystem significantly and tend to offset the balance of the environment in general.

Soil degradation in both quality and quantity, expansion of crops to the detriment of forests and rainforests, heavy water usage for irrigation, the pollution of underground waters, and global warming compose a complex problem that contemporary agriculture is called to address.

Our company deems that it ought to highlight now more than ever the necessity to work on a sustainable plan for agriculture. We believe that knowledge on the nutrition of crops is central to the contemporary demands for alimentary self-sufficiency and environmental stability. Our company's planning, activities and economic development are realized on the basis of sustainable development and the protection of the environment.

Innovative and entrepreneurial spirit

Constant progress and improvement are a daily concern for us. We encourage effort and initiative, and we adopt bold approaches. We are open to new ideas and seek changes that would add value to our Company. We support an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. We promote cooperation and group work, we reinforce solidarity, and we reward initiatives among our employees and collaborators, as we consider these to be timeless values and a common vision on our course towards progress.