Our quality

Quality – the foundation for development

Quality is the most important driver for the development of every production and trading company operating within the modern financial and social environment. It contributes to a more effective operation, improves the quality of the products and provided services, and it guides the company to fully cover its collaborators’ needs and its customers’ high expectations.

Through their ongoing efforts towards better quality, the companies get to know their clients’ needs, try to understand and meet said needs, make their fulfillment a priority, and turn themselves into an integral part of the social environment in which they develop.

Quality management systems

Through the course of a product from its conception and design to the procurement and use by the end user, all the operational activities of the company that produces and markets it are present, and they have a determining influence on its quality and value to the consumer.

For pioneering businesses that seek to integrate research and innovation and meet their clients’ needs, it is essential that they monitor, measure, analyze, and always upgrade every factor that may influence the quality of the products and provided services.

The development of special Quality Systems allows them to monitor and improve their mode of operation, increase their efficiency, and to preserve their qualitative edge in an ever-changing and competitive market.

The introduction of Quality Management Systems and certification of the operations of a company according to them increase their productivity compared to their operating costs, offer them flexibility and fast adaptability to the demands of the market, foster the resolution of procedural problems, improve the staff’s skills, and contribute to the staff’s active involvement in the planning and implementation of corporate objectives.


We view the ability of HELLAGROLIP to produce and offer products of high quality and unquestionable excellence to its collaborators as a non-negotiable value, and it constitutes a firm commitment to constant improvement, so as to best meet the high expectations of our customers.

We achieve this goal by adopting practices which connect all interactions of the successive stages of production and marketing and place all the important operations of the company under a unified control system, those operations being:

  • product design which aims to satisfy the customers
  • the productive process for a well-manufactured product
  • marketing, to inform the client about the technical and qualitative advantages and use of the product
  • sales, to place the product in the market
  • the supply chain, for the uninterrupted supply of the market
  • the best customer service once they have purchased the product

Through the Quality Management System, all involved actors and resources consumed during the production and marketing are evaluated based on the quality of the products and provided services, and they are improved with the purpose of covering our customers’ needs as fully as possible.

At the same time, we make sure that our staff are systematically trained, and support each employee so that they develop their skills and creativity. We promote upgrading, full participation, and making good use of the staff, and we seek to cultivate a customer-centric approach in every department of the company.

Setting high standards and being steadily quality-oriented, HELLAGROLIP focuses on people and their needs, integrates the desired quality characteristics in the product, and has a competitive advantage on a sustainable and long-term development, for the benefit of its partners and society as a whole.