Nutritious requirements of cereals

For the achievement of high yields in cereals powerful Nitrogenous fertilization and incidentally Phosphorus-containing fertilization are required.

Nitrogen is the most important nutritious element for cereals. A regular and based on the plants needs Nitrogen supply ensures optimum culture nutrition, improves fertilization effectiveness and increases the yield per square kilometer. In parallel, losses due to leaching are minimized along with underground water table pollution.

Basic fertilization (seeding)

During the preparation of the seedbed, 30-50% of the total Nitrogen quantity (5-8 units/km2) and the entire Phosphorus quantity (4–6 units/km2.) are added so that the needs for organ formation (leaves – root) are satisfied and sibling formation is encouraged.

At the initial growth stages, Nitrogen absorption rate is exceptionally slow, whilst due to low soil temperatures, the cereals selectively absorb Ammoniac Nitrogen.

Consequently, in basic fertilization, fertilizers with Ammoniac or stabilized nitrogen are preferred, since they escalate the supply of plants based on their needs and decreases the losses due to leaching.

Surface fertilization (end of winter)

It includes the remaining 50-70% of Nitrogen (6-10 units/km2) in one or two doses of "surface fertilizer".

Nitrogen sufficiency in this stage, strengthens the tillering, increases the number of surviving siblings and promotes the production of more and larger stems per square kilometer, as well as grains per stem. In later stages, Nitrogen sufficiency achieves better fruitfullness and higher protein content, thus improving the quantitative and qualitative features of the crop.

Depending on the period of application and the soil type, surface fertilizers such as Nitrate Ammonia, calcareous Nitrate Ammonia and NutrActive® advanced technology fertilizers of stabilized Nitrogen are used.

Developments in cereals fertilization

New data in the fertilization of cereals result from the Codes of Good Agricultural Practice in the context of the program of water protection from the Nitrate pollution of Agricultural Origin. These provisions entail the avoidance of use of fertilizers with Nitric Nitrogen in the basic fertilization of cereals and recommend Nitrogen supply in Ureic, Ammoniac or Stabilized form.

However, besides the restrictions that the serious subject of Nitrate pollution poses and the dangers that are associated with it, it remains a fact that cereals in winter, due to low soil temperatures, selectively absorb the Ammoniac form of Nitrogen.

Hellagrolip in the context of its engagement to respond to the modern challenges and provide the farmer with premium and qualitative products, that maximize the fertilization efficiency and decrease the unfavorable repercussions on the environment, developed and offers the product lines Nutriphos® and NutrActive® advanced technology fertilizers that are targeted to the fertilization of winter cereals and all the rest culture types.

Nutriphos® NP

During the design of Nutriphos® NP, all of the specific characteristics of Nitrogen and Phosphorus have been taken into consideration and as such, products that ensure their maximum availability in the soil have been developed. Their special production process, achieves the highest solubility (90%) of Phosphorus, thereby increasing its assimilation from the culture.

The total quantity of Nitrogen (100%) is contained in Ammoniac form, while the additional enrichment with Sulphur improves its utilization from the plants and enhances fertilization effectiveness. Nutriphos® trigger the formation of a robust root system and ensure optimal installation and culture growth in all soil types.

Specifically adapted to the requirements of Greek soils, they bear a significant advantage over the Nitrogen-Phosphorus fertilizers that are imported in the past few years in the Greek market, and do not adequately complement the neutral and alkaline soil of our country.

The precise content, the proportion and the special form of the nutrients, contribute to complete culture nutrition and render Nutriphos® NP an ideal choice for the basic fertilization of winter cereals.



For dynamic culture nutrition


NutrActive® are new generation fertilizers, which have occurred after many years of research and experimentation in the sector of culture nutrition.

During the production process, the active factor 1-cyano-guanidine (DCD) that slows down the Nitrification process and extends the Nitrogen presence in the soil for a long period of time, is incorporated in each grain.

The NutrActive® fertilizers, via the nitrification retardant DCD, stabilize Ammoniac Nitrogen, they protect it from microbial oxidation, and prolong its presence in the soil.

By slowing down the transformation rate of Ammoniac Nitrogen to Nitric, NutrActive® fertilizers ensure prolonged culture nutrition with both Nitrogen forms. At the same time, they regulate the Nitrogen supply based on the plant’s needs, they minimize the losses that are due to leaching and vaporization and maximize fertilization effectiveness.

The long-lasting and balanced supply of the plants with both Nitrogen forms promotes root system growth, increases water and nutrient absorption and achieves robust culture growth and high productivity.

They are available in the form of Nitrogenous (N), complex Nitrogen-Phosphorus (NP) and multinutrient (NPK) fertilizers to cover the basic and surface fertilization of all culture types.

The excellent granulometry, high solubility, increased availability of nutrients and the high Sulphur (S) content render NutrActive® the best choice for the rational management of fertilization and yield increase in modern agriculture.

NutrActive® - NP

NutrActive® – NP are innovative fertilizers of the NutrActive® product line that have been developed for the basic fertilization of cereals and big culture. They are characterized by the highest solubility (90%) of Phosphorus, so that they maximize its assimilation from the culture and are enriched with Sulphur in order to achieve the best utilization of Nitrogen and the rest of the nutrients.

Their high content in long duration "stabilized" Nitrogen minimizes the losses and escalates the culture supply for a long period of time. The combination of these features, render NutrActive® – NP as the most evolved NP fertilizers in basic fertilization of the winter and spring cereals and the rest of big cultures.

NutrActive NP

Advantages for the cereals

The fertilization of cereals with NutrActive®-NP fertilizers achieves:

  • Continuous and prolonged culture nutrition for more than two months
  • Increase of yield per square kilometer due to the regular supply of plants with both Nitrogen forms
  • Minimization of losses due to leaching and vaporization
  • Controlled Nitrogen supply to the culture according to its specific requirements
  • Increased Phosphorus and Trace element uptake
  • Robust root system growth and improved water and nutrient uptake
  • One-time application of fertilizer in surface fertilizations and in denitrification programs
  • Flexibility in the fertilization application time and guaranteed Nitrogen supply under all weather conditions
  • Better utilization of soil humidity
  • Earlier application of fertilizations in dry regions
  • Save in fertilization application workload and cost due to decreased applications
  • Decrease of nitrates in the water table and in the final products