The Complefert® family

The yield increase and the production of high quality agricultural products are closely linked to the utilization of agricultural research in the sector of culture nutrition. The creation of innovative products, capable of providing targeted nutrition and satisfying the special nutritious requirements of all stages of plant growth, decisively influences the fertilization efficiency and the culture productivity.

Complefert® is a complete line of fertilizers that combine high quality and long experience in the sector of culture fertilization. They have been developed in order to supply the plants with all the essential macronutrients N, P, K, S, Mg, as well as the most important trace elements B, Zn that are required for complete culture nutrition.

The special production process combines the nutrients in a precisely adapted proportion and in completely absorbable form, within each grain of Complefert®. As a result, the nutrients act synergistically, their absorption from the culture is increased and the fertilization effectiveness is maximized.