Mode of action

Within each Complefert® grain, the rapid action of Nitrate and the extended duration of Ammoniac Nitrogen are combined in a special proportion. Phosphorus is contained in the most absorbable form, whilst Potassium is completely water soluble and immediately available to the plants. In addition, Sulphur and a set of secondary elements and trace elements, enrich the fertilizer's formula. The concomitant presence of Ammoniac Nitrogen, water soluble Phosphorus and Sulphur decreases their immobilization within the soil and increase their metabolic activity inside the plant.

Once the grain reaches the ground, it absorbs the soil's humidity and diffuses the nutrients uniformly. As a result, a homogeneous nutritious region is created around the grain that functions as a "nutrient deposit" for the plants. From this site, the nutrients progressively enter the soil solution, get absorbed by the plants and trigger the growth of root and shoot systems.

The completely absorbable form and the special proportion, in which the essential and secondary nutrients are combined, create synergistic interactions between them, increase their availability and achieve optimum absorption by the plants.

Complefert® fertilizers ensure complete nutrition and high yield of cultures fertilized with them.