Complefert® are high quality complex fertilizers, that contain all of the nutrients required for complete nutrition and robust culture growth. Their elemental composition is adapted to the special requirements of arboriculture, viticulture, horticulture and modern arable cultures. The completely absorbable form and the special nutrient proportion, ensure optimum supply during all stages of plant growth. The excellent granulometry, in combination with high solubility and increased sulphur content, maximize the effectiveness of fertilization and the utilization of nutrients by the culture.

Being designed based on the needs of Greek soils, Complefert® successfully correspond to the particular territorial characteristics and the dry and warm climate of our country. They provide reliable and complete nutrition, increase the yield and promote the qualitative characteristics of crops.


  • Complete in essential and secondary nutrients. They provide complete culture nutrition.
  • Fully absorbable forms and special proportion of nutrients adapted to cultures nutritious requirements.
  • Optimum utilization of nutrients from the culture. Minimization of losses.
  • High Ammoniac Nitrogen content for extensive culture nutrition.
  • High solubility of Phosphorus that reaches 90%, to supply cultures in all soil types.
  • Additional enrichment with Sulphur, for better utilization of Nitrogen and trace elements.
  • Specifically designed to correspond to the soil and climate conditions of Greece.
  • Optimum granulation with compact grains that do not create dust.
  • Large application width and uniform dissemination, without voids in the field.