The Comple-Fert® Drop family

Comple-Fert® Drop are top quality water-soluble fertilizers that incorporate the current data of agricultural research and expertise in the field of crop nutrition.

They were developed in order to best meet the requirements of all the challenging systems of intensive crops. They provide integral and qualitative nutrition in the difficult soil environment of the greenhouse and they cover the particular nutritional requirements of high added value outdoor crops.

The careful selection and optimum combination of the raw materials uniquely allow them to modulate the acidity of the nutrient solution, protecting the nutrients from the formation of insoluble compounds and their immobilization in the soil. Through this mechanism, their losses are minimized and availability in the crop is increased, maximizing the effectiveness of fertilizing in all types of soils.

Particularly in contaminated/saline soils, the acidic nature of Comple-Fert® Drop boosts the activity of the root system and, in combination with low conductivity and the absence of chlorine (Cl), it facilitates the intake of nutrients by the plants, ensuring an ideal nutrition of the crop even in osmotic stress or water stress environments.

With a rich composition in primary nutrients and a high content of chelated trace elements, the different fertilizer types of the Comple-Fert® Drop series provide high quality nutrition in all soil and climate conditions, and fully meet the needs that arise in each phase of the production cycle of the crop.

Their exceptional purity, studied composition, and high solubility make Comple-Fert® Drop fertilizers suitable for every fertigation system, and an ideal choice for the sensitive greenhouse and outdoor crops of horticulture and floriculture.

Comple-Fert Drop