High-quality water-soluble* Nitro-sulphate Ammonia with Iron and Zinc. Its specialized mode of production, the nutrient ratio in the grain, and the synergism between them perfectly meet the needs of the crop at all the stages of development.

Nitric Nitrogen is promptly absorbed by the roots and provides the required energy for the rapid growth of the roots and the above-ground part of the plants, while the Ammoniac spreads the nutrition of the crop over a longer period of time. The Sulphur contained is taken in by the plants, immediately affects the growth of the root system, and it increases the absorption of Nitrogen by the crop when entering the metabolism.

Iron prevents the development of chlorosis in new leaves. It serves as a catalyst for the production of chlorophyll and increased photosynthesis, while also participating in a number of important metabolic processes inside the plant.

Zinc actively participates in the synthesis of auxin, boosts sprouting and flowering, and increases the number and size of the fruits.

Its elemental composition, high solubility, and excellent granulometry point to Fertammon special as the best option for top fertilizing of Vines, Olive, Citrus and other Fruit trees, and vegetables in all farming systems (outdoor-greenhouse).

* Through a specialized production process, the Fertammon special grains are fully water-soluble, which allows them to be used in fertilizing conducted both with a fertilizer distributor, as well as through fertigation systems.

Fertammon special

The family

Total Nitrogen (Ν)
Ammoniac Nitrogen (ΝΗ4)
Nitric Nitrogen (NO3)
Sulfur (SO3)
Zinc (Zn)
Iron Sulfate (FeSO4)
Safety Data Sheet
Technical Sheet
Fertammon® 26
26 - 0 - 0 ( + 29 )
26% 18,7% 7,3% 29% - - large crops
Fertammon® special New
25 - 0 - 0 ( +29 ) + 0,5Zn + 0,5FeSO4
25% 18,1% 6,9% 29% 0,5% 0,5% arboriculture, horticulture