Fertammon® are high-quality fertilizers which have been developed in order to supply the crops efficiently with Nitrogen and Sulfur.

They combine the absorbable by plants forms of Nitrogen and Sulfur in an ideal ratio in their grain. Nitric Nitrogen is immediately absorbed by the roots, while Ammoniac Nitrogen is retained in the soil and sufficiently supplies crops for a prolonged period of time, covering their needs during the later stages of their cycle.

The Sulfur contained is absorbed by plants and it contributes to the development of the root system, as well as increases the efficiency of Nitrogen when it enters the metabolism.

In alkaline soils which exhibit problems of low availability of Phosphorus and Trace Elements, the presence of Sulfur increases the acidity in the micro-environment of the granules, which leads to these elements breaking down and becoming more available to crops.

Excellent granulometry guarantees the uniform dispersion of nutrients in the field, while its special formula ensures a sufficient supply of Nitrogen and Sulfur for all crops and all types of soil.

Fertammon® 26-0-0(+12S) covers ideally the needs of large crops, while Fertammon® special 25-0-0(+12S)+ 0.5Zn+0.5FeSO4 has been specifically adapted for the demands of arboriculture, viticulture and horticulture.


  • Excellent Nitrogen and Sulfur supply to crops, for increased yield and better quality.
  • Better utilization of Nitrogen due to its combined action with Sulfur.
  • Specific ratio of Nitric and Ammoniac Nitrogen for maximum absorption by crops.
  • The formation of a rich root system and a strong establishment of plants during their early stages of development.
  • Increased absorption of Phosphorus and Trace Elements in alkaline soils.
  • Additional supply of Iron and Zinc to crops.
  • Fit for all crops and all types of soil.
  • Grains of proven quality for a uniform dispersion of nutrients in the field.