Utilization of bound nutrients

By slowing down the Nitrification rate, the NutrActive® fertilizers ensure prolonged culture nutrition with both Nitrogen forms. Balanced nutrition promotes robust root system growth. The plants utilize greater soil volume and increase their water and nutrient absorption. At the same time, Ammoniac Nitrogen absorption leads to a pH reduction on the rhizosphere surface, thereby releasing nutrients that preexisted in the soil, but were strongly bound and not available to the plants. Via this mechanism, the culture can now utilize, besides the fertilizer, the immobilized components of the soil as well as the unutilized nutrients of previous fertilizations and, as such, it can maximize the fertilization effectiveness.

NutrActive fertilizers increase Ammoniac nutrition, leading to pH reduction on the rhizosphere surface.

Increase of Phosphorus and Trace element absorption

Nitrate nutrition is accompanied by rhizosphere alkalization and obstructs Phosphorus and trace element absorption that form dissoluble compounds in the soil. Plant fertilization with common Ammoniac Nitrogen improves the absorption of these elements. However, due to the fast transformation to Nitrate, the alkalization recurs and the culture is unable to absorb sufficient quantities. Fertilization with Ammoniac Nitrogen that contains Nitrification retardant, acidifies the rhizhosphere, solubilizes Phosphorus and trace elements and increases their absorption from the culture.

Phosphorus and Trace elements absorption increase with the use of Ammoniac Nitrogen and Nitrification Retardant (N.R.)

Energy saving - yield increase

Nitric Nitrogen, although it is absorbed, cannot be used as is from the plants. The plant consumes energy, in order to first transform it to Ammoniac form and subsequently use it for amino-acid and protein synthesis. NutrActive® increase Ammoniac nutrition and supply the plants with Nitrogen that can be immediately utilized from their metabolism. They decrease the waste of energy that culture nutrition with common fertilizers requires and increase the fertilization effectiveness.

The extended Ammoniac Nitrogen supply to the culture, triggers cytokine and polyamine synthesis from the plants. These substances, promote robust culture flowering and boll retention, increasing the yield per square kilometer and the production quality.

The Ammoniac nutrition achieved with Nutractive® decreases the waste of energy, promotes fruitation and increases production.