Mode of action

Robust culture growth and high productivity requires regular supply of plants with both Nitrogen forms.

Upon fertilization with traditional fertilizers, the total of added Nitrogen is transformed to Nitrite and subsequently Nitrate salts very fast. Due to this transformation, the roots of the cultures that are fertilized with traditional fertilizers can only access Nitrogen in the form of Nitrate in the soil.

The plants are forced to unilateral Nitrate nutrition, they are deprived from the metabolically essential Ammoniac Nitrogen and undermine the quantity and the quality of products produced.

The NutrActive® fertilizers, via the nitrification retardant DCD, stabilize Ammoniac Nitrogen, they protect it from microbial oxidation, and extend its presence in the soil for 8 to 12 weeks.

By slowing down the transformation rate of Ammoniac Nitrogen to Nitric, NutrActive® fertilizers ensure prolonged culture nutrition with both Nitrogen forms. At the same time, they regulate the Nitrogen supply based on the plant’s needs, they minimize the losses that are due to leaching and vaporization and maximize fertilization effectiveness.

The long-lasting and balanced supply of the plants with both Nitrogen forms promotes root system growth, increases water and nutrient absorption and achieves robust culture growth and high productivity.