NutrActive® are new generation fertilizers, which have occurred after many years of research and experimentation in the sector of culture nutrition.

During their production process, the active factor 1-cyano-guanidine (DCD) that slows down the Nitrification process and extends Nitrogen presence in the soil for a long period of time, is incorporated in each grain. Besides long-duration Ammoniac Nitrogen, they also contain 20-40% Nitric Nitrogen that satisfies the direct and short-term needs of the plants.

They are available in the form of Nitrogenous (N), complex Nitrogen-Phosphorus (NP) and multinutrient (NPK) fertilizers to cover the basic and surface fertilization of all culture types. The excellent granulometry, high solubility, increased availability of nutrients and the high Sulphur (S) content render NutrActive® the best choice for the rational management of fertilization and yield increase in modern agriculture.


  • Incorporation of Nitrification Retardant (DCD) in the grain, during fertilizer production process for guaranteed Nitrogen stabilization.
  • Continuous and prolonged culture nutrition for more than two months.
  • Increase of yield per square kilometer due to the regular supply of both Nitrogen forms to the plants.
  • Controlled Nitrogen supply to the culture according to its specific requirements.
  • Protection of Nitrogen in the soil and minimization of losses that are due to leaching and vaporization.
  • Robust root system growth and improved water and nutrient uptake.
  • Increased Phosphorus and Trace element uptake and energy conservation from the plants.
  • Flexibility in the fertilization application timing and guaranteed Nitrogen supply under all weather conditions.
  • Save in fertilization application workload and cost due to decreased applications.
  • Environmental and sanitary benefits from the decrease of Nitrates in the water table and in the final products.