The Nutrifert® family

The modern agriculture orientation towards high yield, high quality products and environmental protection, is inextricably linked to the soil quality and the practices of its maintenance. The adaptation of fertilization to the diverse nutritious requirements of plants constitutes the «key» for the maintenance of soil fertility and the high productivity of agricultural exploitations.

Nutrifert® NPK is a complete line of fertilizers, which combine high quality and a long experience in the sector of culture nutrition.

Each grain contains nutrients in forms completely absorbable and in proportions precisely adapted to the cultures requirements. Most types, apart from the main macronutrients (N-P-K), contain also some secondary ones, as well as micronutrients (S, Mg, B, Zn) so as to ensure complete plant nutrition.

Designed based on the needs of Greek soils, Nutrifert® NPK offer the potential of adapting the fertilization to specific territorial and farming needs, and achieve ideal nutritious sufficiency and culture productivity.