Nutrifert® NPK are high quality complex multinutrient fertilizers. Their elemental composition is specifically adapted to the requirements of cultures, thereby ensuring the sufficient supply of plants with the essential nutrients.

The excellent granulometry and special grain coating facilitate the handling and guarantee uniform dissemination during application. The high solubility, the increased Sulphur content in completely absorbable form and the special proportion in which the nutrients are combined, maximize the fertilization effectiveness and promote culture productivity.


  • Special formula adapted to the nutritious requirements of cultures.
  • All of the nutrients contained in the grain are in absorbable form for the plants.
  • Direct supply of nutrients to the culture. Minimization of losses.
  • High content in Ammoniac Nitrogen that renders them unique in the sector of basic fertilization.
  • High solubility of Phosphorus that reaches 90%, to supply cultures in all soil types.
  • Additional enrichment with Sulphur, for better utilization of Nitrogen and trace elements.
  • Optimum granulation with compact grains that do not create dust.
  • Large application width and uniform dissemination, without voids in the field.