About Hellagrolip

Our market presence is the result of high quality, deep knowledge and long experience in crop nutrition. Focused on research and innovation, we offer high quality products, technical support and expertise to the people of agriculture.

In the productive parts of our company, we utilize research and our highly-trained staff, and we produce a full line of nutritional products - from simple Nitrogen fertilizers to the compound Multinutrinient Fertilizers - covering the entire range and the requirements of modern agriculture.

The commercial and technical departments of our company, we develop strong partnerships, we propose new cultivation techniques and provide complete nutrition recommendations that improve the efficiency of fertilization and contribute to the increase of production and investment in it.

Leaders in the Greek market, as the only producer and commercial fertilizer company in Greece. The multiple advantages and excellent quality characteristics of our products, create strong brands that are recognized among the top in the world and are exported to European and International markets.

Through our activities, we aim to contribute to the consolidation of a rational lubricating action, which maximizes the exploitation of nutrients by plants, ensure saving resources and energy and reduce the adverse impact on the environment and humans.

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Προϊόντα υπεροχής
Our products

With a focus on research, innovation and quality, and by utilizing our deep knowledge of the particular characteristics of Greek Agriculture, we offer a full range of nutritional products, suitable for all types of land and all crops.

Our new, enhanced portfolio includes:

At Hellagrolip SA we work daily towards a competitive and dynamically developing Company, which will operate responsibly and with respect regarding its human resources, collaborators, the public and the environment. Our goal is to build a relationship of trust and long-term cooperation with the agriculture people in our home country.


Our responsibility

We foster environmental responsibility as an integral part of our inter-company philosophy. We integrate in our strategic planning environmental protection, responsible management of natural resources, minimizing risks and developing innovative products, environmentally friendly, and consumers.