About us

Hellagrolip SA is a Greek Commercial and Industrial Company which distributes its own fertilizers as well as fertilizers by foreign houses.

Plant in Kavala

The Greek Fertilizers by Hellagrolip SA are ranked at the top positions globally regarding quality, and its name is inextricably linked to the development of Greek Agriculture.

The expertise and specialized methods applied by Hellagrolip SA in its production units give its products multiple advantages and excellent quality features, acknowledged by international houses, traders, competitors and customers, and they make its products unique and pioneering in the field of nutrition-fertilizing of crops.

Hellagrolip SA is a leader in the Greek market when it comes to sales and network coverage, while the demand for exports to European and other countries far exceeds the production capacity of the production units.

Research and innovation

With a focus on research, innovation and quality, and by utilizing our deep knowledge of the particular characteristics of Greek Agriculture, we offer a full range of nutritional products, suitable for all types of land and all crops.

Our new, enhanced portfolio includes:

At Hellagrolip SA we work daily towards a competitive and dynamically developing Company, which will operate responsibly and with respect regarding its human resources, collaborators, the public and the environment. Our goal is to build a relationship of trust and long-term cooperation with the agriculture people in our home country.