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Premium line® are top quality straight water-soluble fertilizers, unique purity and excellent solubility in water, specially designed for all modern farming fertigation systems, greenhouse and outdoor crops, and especially those that require increased yields and high-quality features.

They are a new range of crystalline products derived from excellent raw materials, which fully meet crop nutritional needs throughout the duration of the biological cycle, from planting to harvesting.

The special production process combines the nutrients, forming a highly purified and highly soluble crystalline compound, which diffuses directly into the water, providing 100% absorbable nutrients for the plants.

The rapid and high solubility of Premium line® in water, enables the repeated application of small amounts of fertilizer directly to the root environment. In this way, reduce the loss of nutrients from the soil, harmonized nutrition according to the requirements of plants, increase the efficiency of fertilization and ensure the formation of a strong root system, robust vegetation, rich flowering and fruiting high.

Their elemental composition facilitates the uptake of nutrients from the root, prevents them from immobilizing in the soil and provides excellent control of plant growth in all soil conditions.

Free of chlorine, sodium and heavy metals, Premium line® offer high-quality nutrition in the soil environment of greenhouse and is the most reliable solution for top yields in outdoor high-value crops.

The plants take in water and nutrients as building materials to “build” their bodies and perform all vital functions for their development and production.

The preservation and sufficiency of the water and nutrients are essential for the growth of crops, increased yields, and quality products.

With fertigation, modern agricultural practices perfectly combine irrigation and integral crop nutrition.

Water and nutrients are supplied simultaneously, with precision, and localized in the immediate vicinity of the root.

Therefore, their intake by plants is increased, and their utilization by the crop is multiplied, and the effects of both irrigation and fertilizing are maximized.

The fertilizers used in fertigation are high quality and purity water-soluble salts of one or more nutrients (NH4NO3, KH2PO4, ΚΝΟ3, CaNO3) or precursors of nutrients [ CO(NH2)2 ].

When the fertilizer is dissolved in water, the salts dissociate, creating a solution that contains all the necessary nutrients for the plants, the “nutrient solution”..

E.g. KNO3 ⇄ K+ + NO3-

During irrigation, the nutrient solution drops enter the soil and move downwards due to gravity, but also sideways due to the capillary forces of the soil, enriching the soil area around and under the drippers.

A spherical area is thus formed, full in nutrients and water, into which the root system develops and the whole process of nutrition is realized, the “nutritional cage”.

The coexistence of all the nutrients and water in the “nutritional cage” creates synergies between them, boosts the function of the root, improves their intake and utilization by the crop, and dramatically increases the yield and qualitative characteristics of the production.

Nitrogen (Ν)
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (ΝΗ4)
Nitric Nitrogen (NO3)
Carbamyde Nitrogen (ΝΗ2)
Phosphorus (Ρ2Ο5)
Potassium (Κ2Ο)
Calcium (Ca)
Magnesium (MgO)
Sulphur (SO3)
Premium MAP 12-61-0 12% 12% 61%
Premium UP 17-44-0 17% 17% 44%
Premium NK 13-0-45,5 13% 13% 45,5%
Premium N-Cal 15,5-0-0 + 26CaO 15,5% 1,1% 14,4% 26%
Premium N-Mag 11-0-0 + 15,5MgO 11% 11% 15,5%
Premium MKP 0-52-34 52% 34%
Premium SOP 0-0-52 +45SO3 52% 45%
Premium S-Mag 12MgO + 32SO3 12% 32%