Land, water, air, and every form of life on the planet are in constant interaction, composing the "natural environment" in which human activity is developed.

Heavy usage of natural resources and the acceleration of economic activity so as to cover the needs of an ever-growing population strain each separate ecosystem significantly and tend to offset the balance of the environment in general.

Soil degradation in both quality and quantity, expansion of crops to the detriment of forests and rainforests, heavy water usage for irrigation, the pollution of underground waters, and global warming compose a complex problem that contemporary agriculture is called to address.

Social responsibility

Today, more than ever, the need to develop a sustainable strategy is prominent, a strategy which would ensure the self-sufficiency of natural resources, would guarantee the continuation of agricultural activity by the next generations, and would aim to address both alimentation security and protection of the environment.

Proper knowledge of nutrition and a rational fertilizing of crops are fundamental in order to get a focused, highly efficient agriculture, which would meet the contemporary demands for alimentary self-sufficiency and production of quality products.

As far as the industry is concerned, the production of fertilizers which are friendly to the environment, with a low carbon footprint and reduced losses, contributes to the protection of the climate and water resources, and is part of the solution in the efforts towards a sustainable development of agricultural production and environmental stability.

All the planning and activities of Hellagrolip are realized on the basis of a sustainable development of agriculture and the protection of the environment. We acknowledge and accept our responsibility towards the public and the next generations by supporting actions which contribute to the protection of natural resources and various ecosystems. We make significant efforts and dispose of significant resources towards research and development of innovative products that protect the environment and improve people's quality of life.