The Nutriphos® family

Nitrogen and Phosphorus are fundamental elements when it comes to handling soil and crops. Their particular behavior affects the fertility of the soil and the development of crops more than any other nutrient. Nitrogen compounds move fast inside the soil, so there are losses and they often are a limiting factor regarding the sufficient nutrition of plants. On the other hand, the strong retention and low solubility of Phosphorus render it the hardest element to move in the soil and hinder its intake by plants. A smooth supply of Nitrogen and Phosphorus to crops requires technical expertise in the chemical industry, so that the produced fertilizers provide nutrients in compatible and absorbable forms to plants.

All the particular characteristics of Nitrogen and Phosphorus have been taken into consideration in the design of Nutriphos® NP, and the products developed ensure the maximum availability of these elements in the soil. Their specialized process of production achieves very high solubility (90%) of Phosphorus and increases its absorption by the crops. Nitrogen is contained in its entirety, or for the most part, in Ammoniac form, prolonging nutrition, while the additional enrichment in Sulfur improves its utilization by the plants and enhances the efficiency of fertilizing.

Nutriphos® are an ideal source of Phosphorus for plants in all types of soil. Especially in the neutral and alkaline greek soils, they have a significant advantage to the Nitrophosphate fertilizers which have been getting imported in the market for the past few years but do not meet the demands of the neutral and alkaline soils of our country to the same degree.

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