Hellagrolip pruža podršku poljoprivrednicima pogođenim požarom u regiji Vatika


The olive tree Athinoelia, cultivated for thousands of years in Vatika area, is one of the major olive oils varieties of our country. The fruit gives excellent quality olive oil, with unique features and many beneficial properties that classify among the leading and best olive oils in the world. The fire that struck two years ago the region, caused severe damage to thousands of olive trees and jeopardized the crop, farmer’s incomes and one of the strongest export products of our country.

HELLAGROLIP, the unique GREEK fertilizer industry, offered through the agronomist and associate the region Mr. Lyra Andrea, 50 tons of special fertilizer, NitroCan Special 27-0-0 +5%MgO + 0,2%B for fertilization olive, in order: 

  • to support fire victims’ farmers

  • to contribute to the rehabilitation of injured trees

  • and to encourage the cultivation of Athinoelia in the Vatika area

Holding a leading position in the Greek market, HELLAGROLIP company is firmly committed to the needs of Greek agriculture and the people who serve it. The quality of the fertilizer is recognized among the top in the world and exported to all European and International markets. adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.